Wife Swap USA and Wife Sharing Episode

After going through a lot of wife massage stories my Hot Wife decided to have a fun on.We were not into Wife sharing or wife swap fun but then she made up my mind for being a wife swapping husband.I thought a few days on this subject and then discussed my hot wife fantasy with one of my close friend.He was very regular to our home and well known to me and my wife,importantly a trust able friend.He was recently married and I was amazed when he told me about his wife.His wife has also the same thoughts as my wife had these days.It is not easy to find some good wife swapping couples in USA so we committed to do this between us.

 After discussing the matter with each,we decided to discuss with our Hot wives.The next day when I was making sex with my Hot wife I made the suggestion during insertion for providing her a two tools option in shape of my friend.She was quite impressed by the idea and soon we got an immense orgasm.This was more than ever we got.

 Finally my friend and his wife visited us for a night stay.The whole story was planned between me and my friend and we decided to first go for threesome with every wife and then wife swap.

We done it with my wife when I was getting my lollypop in her mouth and my friend banged her deep.We have decided not to discharge so we done it for bang session only and then we sandwiched his wife for the same session and my wife captured our photos.
Then we watched each other's wife enjoying the wife swap session.Both wives seemed much happy than ever and pleasing the both husbands.
My hot wife has enjoyed this more than wife massage stories and my friend's wife was also a happy wife enjoying my nice tool in her all holes.After finishing our first session till end,we decided to watch a lesbo show of both wives.Both wives agreed and soon this wife swap USA session changed into lesbo show.After this show we again tried the threesome sandwich sex with each wife one by one.Believe me,We had never enjoyed so much during our life of marriage as we did that night.Me and my friend are now permanent into wife swap sessions but we never tried to disturb any of our Hot wives alone.I think you also try the session of Wife swap USA.

The Initial Days of Wife Sharing lifestyle

Sitting in the balcony with my hot wife and thinking about our Initial days of Wife sharing life style is an awesome feeling for both of us.The idea of sharing my Hot wife had changed our entire life plan.I could see the happiness on my wife's face which was not there before.She was more pleasant,happy and hot than ever.We were married 7 years ago and in this entire period of initial 5 years,we just had a routine type sex life.It was just about going to the bedroom and pulling her legs up on my shoulders and start testing her internal temperature my meat thermometer.My meat bone would just flesh into her walls and i would start riding her like a horse after a couple of kisses.This would carry on for 10-15 minutes and then just mesh up in the end with a routine orgasm for me and sometimes nothing for her.The situation forced me to read some hot wife stories and some of wife massage stories on internet.


After reading a lot about wife sex and different ways to spice things up,I decided to Share my Wife.We got our first baby after 5 years and in this lifetime my mind has just been adopting to get my wife banged by someone.Who should be that man?It was a tough task to find a suitable guy for her.Sorry guys ,I forgot to tell you that it was nothing missing in our sex life like impotency,small tool or something like that.I was well endowed around 7 inches fat tool but only the matter was the spice in sex life.I just wanted to get rid of boring routine of sex.


I tried to discuss the idea with my hot wife and she was quite surprised about it.She straight way asked me if I could bear that.I nodded my head after saying that I had a fantasy to watch you getting banged by another guy.My hot Wife laughed and said;I can't understand how could you?We were quite good in our friendship as well and the marriage was a love marriage.I was dam sure that this wife Sharing lifestyle would never effect my married life.I got 100% trust on my wife.In our past she never cheated me.She was a virgin when we got married.I have seen her right from childhood.So you can imagine that how a childhood friendship resulting in a marriage would go deep.


So finally we decided to give it a try.My hot wife was not sure about going for the subject so I helped her by keeping the entire selection onto her choice.We decided to select a guy of her choice.For this she definitely has to flirt a guy and i was ready for bearing that.Our wife sharing lifestyle has just been started.One day,we went to shopping mall where she selected a salesman for the subject.He was around twenties and quite healthy with muscular build.I have told my wife to observe his tool size through her jeans so did she.When she came back home,she told me that she guess a fat tool there and she had exchanged her cell number with that guy.


I was quite happy to hear that.I was just waiting to watch my wife getting banged by another man.For the next few days,she made a close friendship with that guy through phone and finally she told me that he is coming our flat tonight.according to plan she has told him that he has to bang her in her husband's presence.He was hesitant in start but then he agreed to do that.He came and we do had a nice chat for 30 minutes before our baby got sleep.


We went into our bedroom and the session of hot wife stories started.He fondled my wife's breast nicely which were saggy and big enough to hold.Then he licked her deep and she sucked him.He managed to get a good timing and after a 69 session,they went for the final shoot.I was enjoying my wife sharing life now.He banged her in almost every position for one hour at least and then spread all his load on my wife.Believe me,It was just a feeling which I was searching for years.After his departure,We had a wild sex and wild orgasms.Now a days we are living very happy and enjoying one new guy every week by the selection of my hot Wife.We are very happy to adopt the Wife Sharing lifestyle.